We work with Retailers and Non-Perishable Branded Consumer Products Companies to help them grow, improve profitability/valuation and successfully raise capital.

Consumer Growth Partners works with companies in three ways.

  • Long Term (1+ Years):  We work alongside company management as an advisor and partner to achieve growth, profitability and capital raising goals.  These engagements typically last a year or more and evolve in scope depending on company needs. This type of engagement is best suited for companies needing transformational change that will require developing and implementing strategic, operational and financial objectives. SAS Overview
  • Medium Term (3-6 Months):  We work with companies on a project basis to facilitate specific goals and objectives.  These engagements are narrower in scope and typically shorter in duration.
  • Short Term (8-10 Weeks):  We partner with BMas Partners on a Rapid Business Analysis and Roadmap (RBAR).  This is an intensive process conducted over 8-10 weeks that delivers in-depth business analysis to identify steps needed to stabilize and optimize current operations and deliver an integrated roadmap for future growth.  This type of engagement is best suited to companies navigating through crisis or change and in need of a tactical roadmap to improve performance.  RBAR Overview